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Weathered wood cabins with solar panels and cedar-shake roofs frame the man-made Nam Tien Lake that shimmers like dancing diamonds in the tropical sun of Laos.

We floated down to the glistening water of Glacier Lake with Cathedral Mountain majestically towering ahead, its protective stance at the entrance to the Cirque, holding our eyes like a magnet.

During the first six hours at Findlayson Lake we had watched Kluane Air’s Beaver land so it could refuel and take the Brits, who had arrived mid afternoon, to the Lodge on a lake an hour away. The following eight hours or so...

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Diary of a Lake

Glacier Lake, in the geographical heart of the Mackenzie Mountains is a mecca for rock climbers and for canoeists on the upper South Nahanni River. The big...

Sunny Brook

This book contains poetry by Richard Edwards and biographical prose by Joyce Lancaster.

Please note that the pdf version of the electronic copy is a...

42 Years in the Realm of the Czar and the Soviets

This is a book about the Danish painter Miss Theodora Krarup's experiences in St. Petersburg, later Leningrad, 1896 - 1938.